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Izakaya Japanese Tavern


If you'd like to try something a little different, head down to Izakaya Japanese Tavern in Cardiff Bay for an evening of sushi and saki.

Using chopsticks is optional, but unless you speak fluent Japanese - prepare for an evening of fun as you try to pronounce the dishes from the menu.

There are no 'courses' to speak of with Japanese food - you are advised to pick and choose dishes, almost in random fashion, from the menu. What this means is that you can end up with some weird and wonderful combinations...anyone for pork casserole with a side serving of fresh salmon, not forgetting the pumpkin dumplings? Contrary to what I had expected, there was far more on offer than simply raw fish dishes. Most dishes are around the 5-6 mark. For those of you who aren't brave enough to choose your own combinations - set meals are available.

Izakaya is a small restaurant with a very relaxed, almost cafe like, air about the place. The service is friendly and you even get a send off from the chefs as you leave. It works equally well as a place to grab a quick lunch and as a setting for a more formal dinner.

The novelty value here has to rate quite highly as you take your seat amongst the bamboo furniture and paper lanterns. Aswell as the more conventional table and chair seating arrangements - there are also four low slung traditional Japanese tables set at the back of the restaurant.

For those of you who have grown weary of meat and two veg - this is the place to revitalise your palette.

Top Tip: Try the teriyaki chicken - it's fantastic!

Posted by Taffy 25th February 2003

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