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Preethy Raj


The Preethy Raj is a relatively new restaurant that serves up Indian and Bangladeshi food and is situated in the centre of Canton. Given its location, the competition for business is fierce with many other Indian restaurants in close proximity, but with its clean and modern appearance the Preethy Raj certainly stands out.

We visited on a Thursday evening and the restaurant seemed particularly quiet with only a few tables occupied. This seemed a shame because the ingredients were all there for a successful restaurant. The staff were polite and friendly, the menu seemed varied and reasonable in price, and most importantly, the food was delicious.

We opted for two starters of Aloo Chat and Chicken Borah, followed by two mains of Panner Vegetable Jalfrezi (exotic vegetable with cottage cheese) and Nikunjo Ruposhi (chicken tikka with green chillies, black pepper and onion rings on top). Both mains were on the spicy side, with plenty of chillies used, and were cooked to perfection. The food tasted great and was worth every penny that was paid for it.

The Preethy Raj more than hold its own amongst the many curry-houses of Canton. Give it go and we're sure you won't be disappointed.

Posted by Taffy 11th January 2008

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