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Atlantic Wharf, Hemmingway Rd, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4JY [Map]

Tel: 029 2046 4444

It's Saturday night and the valleys are empty. Why?.....cos they're all in Evo, larging it up to some pop classics.

See the latest fashions on parade as the alcopops flow and then hop on the free bus at closing time to make sure you're back in town for last orders at Caroline Street. If you're really lucky, one of the racer boys in the car park will cruise you home in their modified Saxos for no extra charge.

The club is divided into 2 rooms; one playing cheesy chart pop and the other spinning more specialist grooves. The VIP service for birthdays is a good laugh as it's free entry, free stella, a bottle of bubbly AND you get whisked past the queues by your own personal escort.

I do have a wish-list for something that would improve the Evo experience: a burger bar..... those of you old enough to have partied on down at Zeus (RIP) on Greyfriars Road will no doubt remember the burger bar as an essential part of the night out.

So come on, pram-faces, handbags and cowboy hats at the ready and lets party, Evo style.

Posted by lizzie 19th February 2003

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