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For Your Eyes Only (FYEO)

5-9 Church Street, Cardiff, CF10 1BJ [Map]

Tel: 029 2022 6600

For Your Eyes Only is one of only two lap dancing clubs in Cardiff city centre. FYEO can be found on Church Street, just off St Mary Street where all the pubs and clubs are located. Once again we sent our resident expert - TigerMike - into the club to see what he thought of it...

At the entrance to the club the door-staff were friendly enough and gave me the usual lecture, which included: no phones, no touching, no amateur film making etc. This always seems to go on forever when all you really want to do is get down those stairs in front of you and get stuck in.

I arrived just before midnight and it cost me a tenner to get in, however, if I'd arrived before 11pm the entry would have only been a fiver. The club itself is Cardiff's biggest lap dancing club, with loads of tables and plenty of room to move around. Try to bag yourself a table as close to the stage as possible, because you will find topless pole action there all night.

Once you have chosen where to sit a waitress will take your drinks order, but don't worry about being ripped off, you're not in Latvia now and the drinks are all reasonably priced. Within seconds the stampede will begin as girl after girl will breeze past offering a topless dance for 10. They never seem keen on doing this when it's busy, because it involves them dancing at your table. The other option is a private naked dance for 20, which is their bestseller.

I initially struggled to find a girl that could loosen my grip on the 20 note. However, after a few San Miguels and about 50 offers of a dance I was a beaten man and succumbed to a pretty young blonde. The club has many private booths where your chosen girl will take you and your hard earned 20 note. She will then dance and strip (until she's in her birthday suit) for the duration of one song.

At 20 a dance you could do your stones very quickly and it seems a bit steep, but having said that, it's simply the going rate in Cardiff. I would guess that there must be loads of booze & steroid fuelled valley-commandos waking up on a Sunday morning with a sore head and empty pockets!

The club appeared to have the space to cater for large groups and I'm sure they would do something special for a stag party. Maybe next time I will try out the VIP area. Perhaps I missed a few stunners hiding in there with the rich boys. I'd better start working harder first though!

Admission to FYEO is 5 before 11pm and 10 after 11pm.

FYEO is open Monday-Thursday 9pm-4am, Friday 8pm-4:30am and Saturday 6pm-5:30am.

Posted by tigermike 21st September 2009

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