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Fantasy Lounge

95 St Mary street, Cardiff, CF10 1DX [Map]

Tel: 029 2038 2201

The Fantasy Lounge is a lap dancing club that has been providing Cardiffians with erotic entertainment for the last 9 years. The club is located on St Mary Street in Cardiff city centre, right in the midst of all the pubs and clubs. We sent our man - TigerMike - into the club (armed with a fistful of tenners) to see what he made of it all. The phrase "a kid in a sweetshop" springs to mind...

At the door I joined a small queue and experienced a short wait, during which the door-staff went through all the usual preliminaries. I then parted company with a tenner and made my way down the stairs and into heaven.

As I made my way to a table I was clocking all the stunning girls wandering around half naked (some of them were not even that well dressed). All the while I was doing the maths in my head, calculating how much this little visit was going to set me back financially.

I ordered a few beers, sat back and enjoyed the view. The Fantasy Lounge is a fairly small lap dancing club, but there were plenty of girls on show. In fact, the girls seemed to be coming out of the woodwork and they were all of a high standard. I managed to get a seat fairly close to the pole dancing, which was free and made for a good appetizer.

It wasn't long before the main course was making a beeline straight for me. She was a little stunner and very friendly too. We chatted for at least 15 minutes (I think she fancied me). By the time she asked me if I wanted a private dance we had bonded and so it would've been rude to have turned her down. The dance was well worth the 20 I paid her. Some girls make more of an effort than others in these clubs, but she was definitely one of the good ones. I can't remember her name, but she's probably a school teacher by now anyway. Probably teaching maths, because she was on the ball when it came to counting the cash!

If I'm honest that wasn't the only private dance I had that night. Every time I made my way back to my seat I promised myself that was the last, but then another beauty would make eye contact with me and I was in love again.

You could get a topless dance at the table for a tenner, which if there are a few of you could be fun. There is also a two girl dance, which the club will do for stag parties. Apparently it involves the stag, two girls and a pair of handcuffs.

I spent 100 on my visit, but it was well worth it. You don't need to spend anything like that to have a good time (I'm just very weak). Maybe a few beers and two dances would set you back about 50ish. I had a great night in the Fantasy Lounge and if you like that sort of thing I would thoroughly recommend it.

The Fantasy Lounge is open 6 days a week: Monday-Thursday 9pm-4am and Friday & Saturday 8pm-5am.

Visit the Fantasy Lounge website (see link below) and you can download a free pass, which will admit one adult Monday-Thursday all night, or Friday and Saturday before 11pm.

Posted by tigermike 21st September 2009

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