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Emporium Nightclub

8-10 High Street, Cardiff City Centre, CF10 1AW [Map]

Tel: 029 2066 4577

Emporium, in my humble opinion, is Cardiff's premier dance venue. Although Emporium is not an especially large club it has two floors and has a distinctly intimate feeling. Emporium is a club that caters for dance in all its different flavours.

If you like your dance hard and fast then Bionic is the night for you. Showcasing the best in international hard dance talent as well as residents Brian M and Cally & Juice, it's a complete hedonist's paradise but still manages to maintain a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for what frequently turns out to be mash-up of the month.

Emporium is also a big supporter of house music in Cardiff, hosting both Cool House and LAmerica.

Cool House has taken a while to find it's legs, so to speak, but has risen to become one of the best house nights in Cardiff. Playing a mixture of tech, tribal and progressive house, Cool House has been host to a number of DJ super stars such as the awesome Jon Carter, Darren Emerson and BBC darlings Lottie and Yousef. Cool House is a great night out and has an extremely friendly vibe and rarely fails to get feet on the dance floor.

LAmerica has a very simple ethos, if it's house and it's funky, it's in. LAmerica is a slightly more sophisticated affair. It is an extremely popular night which seems to have a very loyal and dedicated following within Cardiff. It is worth saying , that LAmerica is very much the playground of the beautiful people and although it can still be a good night, in my opinion, LAmerica is not as relaxed as the aforementioned Cool House and can sometimes be a little too pretencious for it's own good. Having said that, if you like to dress up and get funky then this is the night for you.

For the drum n bass heads amoung you, there is the monthly Bullet Proof.
Bullet Proof is not to be taken lightly, when i say drum n bass, this is drum n bass at it's hardest frequently bordering on jungle. If your thing is the IDM like stylings of LTJ Bukem it should be avoided at all cost.

Lastly, there is the monthly National Anthemes. There is not really a lot that can be said about National Anthemes, it is the joker of the pack really. Playing a mixture of trance old and new, the quality of National Anthemes is inconsistent to say the least but is also one of the cheaper dance nights out in Cardiff.
National Anthemes is really a night for die hard dance fans with nothing better to do on a Friday night but to be fair it does have it's moments, how ever rare they may be.

For any clubbers visting Cardiff looking for some fun, I would always recommend you check out Emporium first as 9 times out of 10, Emporium is the safest bet in town.

Posted by jmorris 12th February 2004

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