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Elgin House, The Golate, Cardiff City Centre, CF10 1ED [Map]

Tel: 029 2037 6110

Stylus is one of cardiff's newest clubs. Situated just off St. Mary street, it is clubbing at its most cutting edge and contemporary.

Stylus (once known as The V Club) has recently been bought by the infamous South Wales club promoters, Time Flies. Stylus is very much part of a new generation of clubs springing up around the UK that snubs the dying superclub mentality and opts instead for a smaller, more intimate setting with a contemporary interior design that makes it feel like a club/bar hybrid.

Musicaly, Stylus is orientated to house music in all it's different forms. Depending on which night you go, it plays everything from disco to progressive.

Stylus is a fairly small club, and the quality of night seems to very much depend on the ammount revelers in attendance. I would recommend that you go after 11:30 and ask how busy it is before entering, it is usually no more than 10 to get in but many have spent the entry fee just to find it empty.

Stylus houses 3 bars and 2 well sized intimate seating areas, with a centralised dance floor which should be large enough for any discerning clubber. It's only real drawback is that it doesn't have a cloak room. I would advise that you don't go in with any large coats, or bags as they will either get trampled on, lost or stolen. If you plan to drink make sure you bring enough money as drinks can be very expensive and don't wear white trainers as Stylus does operate a fairly strict dress code.

All having been said, if you're into house music and don't mind a small, yet stylish setting, then Stylus is definitely the club for you.

Posted by jmorris 15th February 2004

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